Breast Milk for Babies Donor Milk Program

Operated by Prolacta Bioscience®

Help Preemies by Donating Your Extra Breast Milk

Your extra breast milk can help Nemours provide the specialized nutritional care premature infants need.

Donating is simple and at no cost to you:

  • Complete an online donor application.
  • Complete qualification steps.
  • Receive free milk storage bags.
  • Ship your frozen milk using the provided cooler.

What happens to your milk?

  • Your breast milk will be processed into 100 percent human milk nutritional products by Prolacta Bioscience®.
  • These products will then be sold to hospitals and used to help preterm babies in Nemours neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and around the country.


How do Nemours and your community benefit?

  • For every qualified ounce of breast milk received, Prolacta contributes $1 to Nemours to be used to fulfill its mission of being the provider of choice and the optimal source of nutrition care in the Wilmington and Philadelphia community.
  • Nemours is guaranteed a supply of safe human milk nutritional products so that preterm babies in the community receive the benefits of a 100 percent human milk diet.


Why is Nemours working with Prolacta Bioscience®?

  • Nemours chose Prolacta to help them launch this breast milk donor program due to its unmatched technology, safety and processing capabilities.
  • With this initiative, Nemours and Prolacta, together, are setting the new standard of nutritional care in neonatal intensive care units for fragile, premature infants.